About company

A joint project prof-66.ru and Chernil.net
  • Authorized distributor and service center for Sverdlovsk region products Chernil.net
  • Consumables for inkjet and laser printers.
  • Consumables for the production of Souvenirs
  • Repair of inkjet printers and copiers Epson, HP, Canon
  • Refill cartridges for laser and inkjet printers
  • Installation of an economical printing (CISS) for inkjet printers Epson, Canon, HP
  • Electronic cigarettes, accessories, e-liquid electronic cigarettes
  • Household Distillers (moonshine), accessories and everything needed for drinks.
  • T-Shirt printing, mugs, puzzles...

Shop Prof-66.ru works with delivery in Yekaterinburg and the cities of satellites. When you order for the sum more than 1000 rubles delivery in the city free (these conditions also apply to city and cottage settlements located to 35 kilometers of the Tyumen tract. In Russia sent to transport companies and courier services.

Fence technicians in the repair and shipping back is free of charge (these terms apply to Ekaterinburg and the city of cottage settlements located to 35 kilometers of the Tyumen tract.

Time of operation: Without days off and lunch breaks with 10 to 20
phone: +7(343)302-05-17
E-mail: help@prof-66.ru

The new store!
Joint shop CHERNIL.NET the Yekaterinburg Regional and project photography.
Professional photography and for printing pictures.

g. Ekaterinburg, Uralskaya str 64 tel: +7(343)311-64-45

Working time from 10 to 20 without days off and lunch breaks.
Always in the presence of the ink, refillable ink cartridges, CISS, photo paper.

And also:
  • Professional photography, reportage, Studio, field, nursery.
  • Production of souvenir products, phone cases, photo albums and much more.
  • T-shirt printing.
  • Large format printing, fabrication of stretchers and framing frames.
  • Photos of the documents
  • Print photos